At Fred R. Moore Academy, we recognize that we all live in a digital age, and that today’s children are growing up as “digital natives.” In an internet-based world, it is more important than ever that children understand how to utilize these tools for their benefit and how to safely navigate this limitless frontier.

We Invest in Technology

We understand that providing our students with digital experiences will help them in every aspect of their lives and have made investing in technology a priority. Through grants and capital funding applications, we have secured the following technology devices for our school community:

  • Promethean boards for all classrooms: Internet-ready and preloaded with teaching tools, the 65-inch ActivPanel Promethean Board replaces whiteboard and chalkboard systems with an easy-to-use and highly capable interactive display.
  • Document cameras for all classrooms: These allow teachers to take what used to be individual assignments and turn them into class assignments, creating more discussion, interaction, and maintaining students' attention.
  • iPads (K–2) and touch-screen Chromebooks (3–5) for all students: We are pleased to offer 1:1 technology as we usher in an era of revolutionary change in the way children learn, educators teach, and how our teachers and students communicate with one another. By utilizing smart tech in the classrooms, we expect to see improvement in the following areas:
    • Collaboration: Mobile devices allow students to easily collaborate both inside and outside the classroom.
    • Personalized Learning: Students can work and excel at their own level and pace, and educators can personalize lessons to fit the progress of students individually.
    • Enhanced engagement: All kids gravitate toward technology, and the more they engage, the more they absorb. 
    • Learning anywhere: Technology extends the ability to learn beyond classroom walls. Students can easily access educational materials at any time and any place with a mobile device.
  • MacBooks, iPads and Chromebooks for teaching staff: Our teachers and paraprofessionals utilize electronic devices for planning, differentiation, assessments, and other instructional purposes. 
  • Technology Teacher/Coach: Recognizing that acquiring electronic devices is not enough to ensure a seamless transition to a tech-based classroom, we have allocated funds for a full-time technology teacher. Students will participate in engaging lessons in our newly upgraded, touch-screen all-in-one Lenovo computer lab.

    Our staff members will participate in technology-specific professional development opportunities provided by our technology specialist including:
  • Google Classroom: All students in grades three to five will set up a Google account to utilize at school to access Google Classroom sites.