3-K & Pre-K for All

When it comes to early childhood education, the research is clear: children who participate in high quality programs build a strong educational foundation as they learn new skills and gain knowledge. At Fred R. Moore Academy, our little scholars flourish as they develop socially and emotionally and learn how to navigate through the learning process.

The Research Says...

Two years of early childhood education:

  • helps children develop critical vocabulary, oral language, and problem-solving skills;
  • establishes strong partnerships with families; and
  • raises academic success across all income and racial groups.

New York City is leading the nation in making early childhood education accessible for all. Through 3-K for All and Pre-K for All, the city’s commitment to its children is clear: to give every child in NYC—in every community, neighborhood, and district—the same opportunity to become a strong student and enthusiastic learner.

3-K for All

In 2017, the NYC DOE launched the most ambitious effort in U.S. history to give every three-year-old child in New York City the same high quality education at no cost. Currently, about 5,000 children across eight school districts participate in 3-K for All, and that number will continue to grow as the city adds school districts every year through the fall of 2020.

At P.S. 133 Fred R. Moore Academy, we strongly believe that access to early childhood education is key to ensuring equity in high-need communities.

We are thrilled to announce that our building was selected by the Office of 3-K and Pre-K For All to open two 3-K sections (30 students) this fall. Our preschool will be lead by two adults and follow the same school schedule and calendar as our elementary school students: 6 hours, 20 minutes daily for 180 school days.

For more information, please refer to the 3-K For All and Pre-K For All Policy Handbook.

Pre-K for All

In January 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio transformed Early Childhood Education in New York City with his commitment to give every four-year-old access to free, full-day, high-quality pre-kindergarten, regardless of family income. Today, nearly 68,000 children participate in the Pre-K for All program.

Our Pre-K program includes two sections (30 students) led by two adults.

Contact Information

Joi Bonner, Principal
Sharon Goodman, Assistant Principal
Sybil Thompkins, Lead Teacher

3-K for All:
Section 1: Ms. Yulanda Barratt
Section 2: Ms. Dini Sukmawijaya

Pre-K for All:
Section 1: Ms. Monica Rauda