Our School

P.S. 133, located in Manhattan, New York, offers a place of learning for students from age three (3-K) through the fifth grade. We provide an educational environment where children feel safe and valued regardless of their socioeconomic background, cognitive function, or social-emotional maturity. We meet our students where they are and guide them on a path towards becoming their best selves.


The mission of the Fred R. Moore Academy is to provide a rigorous and safe learning environment where students will be challenged to become better citizens and achieve academic excellence in all curriculum areas. Our goal is to foster proactive and reflective students who as leaders will be equipped to lead successful lives. This will be achieved through collaboration between parents, teachers, administration, and the community.


PS 133 strives to become a place where everyone’s expectations are high for themselves and for others; where the responsibility for meeting those expectations is shared among all stakeholders; a school that provides multiple opportunities for students to engage in activities that foster possibilities; where teachers and students are excited and reflective about their practice and learning; a community where every individual is valued and respected, and where everything that we do comes back to enabling quality learning.

School Stats

Location: Manhattan, New York
Number of students: 270
Grades: 3-K through 5

  • 64% Male
  • 36% Female
  • 44% Black/African American
  • 44% Hispanic/Latino
  • 41% Classified as disabled (75% of these students receive self-contained services, most of them in the ASD Horizon Program serving students with autism)
  • 11% Limited-English proficient
  • 97% Eligible for free lunch