Why Choose P.S. 133?

At P.S. 133, we do not allow the neighborhood conditions to be a source of excuses for lack of success. With 97% of our students who qualify for free lunch and many more who receive a multitude of services and support that fall outside the realm of traditional schooling, the only acceptable option is to do what is necessary to provide our children with the best teaching, opportunity, encouragement, and resources to create the scholars of tomorrow.

Every Child Matters

We address every individual as one who has strengths and weaknesses and teach to those traits. We rely extensively on analytical data and interpretation to guide us in structuring personal pedagogy to increase student learning. We develop our staff to be the best and brightest through a firm commitment to professional learning. We strive to create dynamic partnerships outside of school to provide enrichment, resources, and opportunities to our community in order to supplement what is provided by limited city and state funding. We search and apply for grants, Donor Choose funding, and any other resources that will increase the offerings to all in our community. Our utmost goal is to become a community of pro activists. To achieve this, we arduously work on the following:

1. Staff
2. Professional Learning
3. Social-Emotional Learning
4. Partnerships & Grants
5. Technology